Walking the course can have a significantly positive effect on your health and your game. Clicgear and Rovic golf push carts provide a comfortable way to walk without carrying your bag. With tons of built-in features and accessory options you won’t even miss your motorized ride. All Clicgear and Rovic push carts fold down for easy storage and transportation.


Our flagship Clicgear Model 4.0 is the gold standard of premium walking golf carts. This 3-wheel golf push cart is the perfect balance of sturdy and compact. If you’re looking for something more robust to carry large cart bags, then the Clicgear Model 8+ 4-wheel push cart is your answer. The model 8+ is ultra-sturdy yet still light enough to maneuver with ease. If you want the ultimate in maneuverability though, you want to go with the Rovic RV1S golf push cart. The RV1S features a swivel front wheel which dramatically increases its turn radius.